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New Life Jacket Rules For Boaties

Emergencies happen quickly on the water, so it’s vitally important to the safety of all on board to ensure easy access to safety equipment.    Under the current legislation, a life jacket – also known as personal flotation devices (PFDs) must be worn: by people under 12 years when travelling in an open boat less … Continue reading New Life Jacket Rules For Boaties

Boat and Jetski New Safety Rules 2012

Safety equipment and operational changes Lifejackets Everyone onboard to wear a personal flotation device (PFD) when in an open boat under 4.8 metres in length when crossing coastal bars. This applies to recreational boats and commercial and fishing ships.   Designated coastal bars which when crossing everyone must wear a PFD. Currumbin Bar Tallebudgera Bar … Continue reading Boat and Jetski New Safety Rules 2012

Safe Bar Crossings

One of the most dangerous aspects of boating is crossing coastal bars. If you are just starting out, this video from the Brownies Coastwatch Vault shows you some of the basics of bar crossing, but the best advice is to seek tuition, either from a friend with years of bar crossing experience, or a qualified … Continue reading Safe Bar Crossings

Fire Protection in Boats

There’s nothing more terrifying than an explosion and fire on a boat. Thankfully, they don’t happen every day, but do occur often enough to make it worth your while to be aware of how easy boat fires can start, the most common causes, and things you can do the minimise the risk. This video has … Continue reading Fire Protection in Boats

Beware of Pressure Waves when Crossing Bars

Crossing coastal bars always requires caution, but accidents often happen on days you think are safe, when the swell is small and the bar looks really easy to cross. One of the reasons for this is the tide factor. On big ebbing tides, the extra volume of water running out through narrow bar openings creates … Continue reading Beware of Pressure Waves when Crossing Bars

Boat Flares

Flares There are three types of flare carried on board boats. Red hand held, orange smoke and parachute. These are designed for day or night use and are used to attract attention of other boat or passing aircraft. Flares must be regularly inspected. Their expiry date is three years from manufacture, which is marked on them and they … Continue reading Boat Flares

Boat Safety – V Sheet and Mirror

Two very important pieces of safety equipment are a V Sheet and a mirror. Since this video was shot, carrying the mirror is no longer compulsory, but is recommended. When you see how visible the V Sheet and the light reflected by a mirror are to the crew of a helicopter, compulsory or not, you’ll … Continue reading Boat Safety – V Sheet and Mirror

Safe Boating – Minimise Wash

Every year there are more boats on our waterways and it’s important that skippers of bigger boats realise that travelling too fast and creating a big wash when passing smaller, anchored, or moored boats is potentially dangerous. Hot food could get knocked off a stove, or people could fall over, or in the water. Apart … Continue reading Safe Boating – Minimise Wash

Boating Safety Requirements in Queensland

Recreational Boating Safety in QLD EPIRB   – Required if more than 2 nautical miles off shore An EPIRB or Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon is a simple and effective alerting and locating device that is compulsory for all vessels operating more than 2 nautical miles from the shore. However, it is recommended that all vessels … Continue reading Boating Safety Requirements in Queensland