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Fire Protection in Boats

There’s nothing more terrifying than an explosion and fire on a boat. Thankfully, they don’t happen every day, but do occur often enough to make it worth your while to be aware of how easy boat fires can start, the most common causes, and things you can do the minimise the risk. This video has … Continue reading Fire Protection in Boats

Boat Flares

Flares There are three types of flare carried on board boats. Red hand held, orange smoke and parachute. These are designed for day or night use and are used to attract attention of other boat or passing aircraft. Flares must be regularly inspected. Their expiry date is three years from manufacture, which is marked on them and they … Continue reading Boat Flares

Safe Boat Launching

Launching a boat at a boat ramp can be very easy if you are shown how, but if you don’t know what to do and go about it the wrong way it can be a nightmare. From the Brownies Coastwatch vault this video has tips from very experienced offshore angler John Palermo on how to … Continue reading Safe Boat Launching

Flushing Outboard Motors

Despite water restrictions, you are allowed to flush your outboard motor when returning from a boating trip. Not much water is needed if you do it properly and it’s a matter of safety, as it flushes the salt from the cooling system in your motor, which goes a long way toward preventing corrosion and the … Continue reading Flushing Outboard Motors

Avoid Boat or Jet Ski Collisions

Just like we need them on the roads, there are rules on the water that must be followed so we all don’t run into each other. Apart from always operating your vessel at a safe speed, the most basic of these rules is to always give way to a boat approaching from your starboard or … Continue reading Avoid Boat or Jet Ski Collisions